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An Ushanka is a traditional, yet stylish, Russian winter hat, which is extremely warm to handle the frigid Russian winters. It has ear flaps, which can be folded up Ushanka and tied at the top of the hat, or tied at the chin. Wearing ear flaps down protects ears, bottom of the chin, nape and top of the back of the neck from the cold. Russian winter hat The word ushanka translates from Russian as "with ears". Ushi means ears in Russian language.

Winter hats with earflaps are common in the countries of the former USSR, China, North Korea, Eastern Europe and many others.
Ushanka hats are also known as Trapper hats. They are also called Bomber hats, however Trapper and Bomber hats are just remakes and copies of the old fashioned winter hats from Russia. Ushanka

Ushankas worn by the Russian and former Soviet soldiers were often made from artificial fur. However officers' Ushanka hats are made from mouton or sheepskin. Rabbit, arctic fox, mink, muskrat and many other types of fur can be used for manufacturing non-military winter hat models. Ushanka winter hat

An Ushanka Russian winter hat will keep you cozy and comfortable all winter long while keeping you fashionable. It features the classic Russian hat style. Just tie the warm ear flaps beneath the chin, on top of the crown of your head, or at the back, this will give you three different styles or looks. Ushanka
Ushanka winter hat is more than just stylish, the combinations of how you wear it to the conditions of the weather, make it invaluable!
Ushankas have been time-tested over centuries of use by the hardy Russians to withstand their harsh winters. There is no better hat made for this in the world. Get one now and fear no winter storm. 

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